THE 100%

THE 100% is a groundbreaking anthology of mixed reality experiences, each immersing audiences into the life story of a different inspirational individual:

A dancer. A comedian. A soldier. A baseball player. A racecar driver.

 As we join these exceptional outliers in their struggle to rise to the top of their chosen paths, we see the footprints of a demon stalking their dreams from the shadows: CANCER

Through a seamless mix of immersive storytelling, interactivity, archival footage, and interviews, each episode of THE 100% is a first-hand experience of the hardships these incredible survivors endured on their journeys to finding a way to live a full life, post-diagnosis. Ultimately, these are stories that inspire and offer hope – showing that even with the most dire of a prognosis, there is always a way to push through and get back to 100%.